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God is Love by EmmaGear

This is a crazy neat story. You have the psychologically weak giantesses, leaning on their religion to support their inherent sadism. Y...


So information to which I was enlightened by the lovely and wonderful miss :iconemmagear: is that folks are supposed to beat a bunch of games in February that they've never beat before as a way to alleviate guilt I guess? And then I was like, "hey, if I was fucking around playing video games instead of writing porn that would just create guilt" so guess what I decided to do? I'M CHALLENGING MYSELF TO WRITE MORE BECAUSE I'M NOT GOOD AT LEARNING FROM MISTAKES.

So the general deal is that I will play a game and then I will write a (likely short) fanfic about that game, and it'll probably be gtsy but will certainly be fetishy. I'd like to put out these stories in the same week as I play the game but that might not be a thing that happens.

And fear not, loyal fetishists, for regular stories and commissions and stuff will STILL BE BEING WRITTEN. Did you know Stephen King writes twenty fucking pages a day? That's insane. I gotta get good and I'm not gonna do it by pussyfooting around. So here we go, tons of words in February.

Oh yeah, the gamelist:
Torchlight 2
Bad Mojo

are you looking forward to these stories, because I don't know if I am!


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