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God is Love by EmmaGear

This is a crazy neat story. You have the psychologically weak giantesses, leaning on their religion to support their inherent sadism. Y...




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(Contains: strong language)

 The mostly-dark laboratory was quiet, save for the irregular tapping of keys and the soft whir of the automated cleaning machine roaming the floor. James looked over at his assistant, Rebecca Mahon, who was fully engrossed in her work. Rebecca was the lab's expert on artifical intelligence, and quite possibly the smartest person James knew. He was eternally grateful for her assistance; without it, he doubted he would ever be able to realize his dream.

She noticed him watching her and turned her attention away from the screen. “Is something wrong, Doctor Roberts?” Her question snapped him out of his own mind and he hurriedly shook his head.

“N-no, not at all, sorry Rebecca. I just... I appreciate all your help. This project couldn't have happened without you.”

She gave him a warm smile before returning her attention to the terminal. “You should start hooking yourself up. I have a couple more things to get ready, but they won't take too long.” James nodded and moved to the small pod set up against a long wall of the room. It was white and pristine, as much was in the laboratory, but the dim lighting gave it a sinister look. He sat down and began setting himself up, attaching wires to his bald head. There were dozens of them, all different colors, and he had spent the past year making sure he knew what every single one did, and where they went. A small mirror attached to the top of the pod helped him work.

“Are you nervous?” Rebecca asked. James let out a soft laugh that sounded more like a sigh.

“Who wouldn't be, right? But we might be about to make history.”

“If only the administration was as excited as you, right?”

He shook his head dismissively. “They're always too worried about the risks, about the costs of potential failure. They'll file the patents themselves five minutes after we show them it can be done.” He was shaking with anticipation. “Let's do this.”

“All right, then. Lay back and close your eyes.” Rebecca moved to a computer next to the pod and started up the machine. The lights in the building all flickered off for a few brief moments, leaving the laboratory in darkness before they came back on. She let out a soft breath of relief.

>Can you read me, Doctor Roberts? Rebecca typed into the terminal. They had set up a method for them to communicate while the process was underway, in case something went wrong. She watched the blinking cursor with anticipation.

I'm here. She smiled.

>Okay, I'm going to start the upload now. I... I feel like I should tell you this might be uncomfortable, but to be honest, I'm not really sure how it's going to feel. She switched windows and started the process of uploading his personality into the computer. His response was already there when she switched back to check.

That's the danger – and the thrill – of pioneering, Rebecca. She pulled up a chair, shifting slightly to get comfortable, and leaned over the keyboard once more.

>So, Doctor Roberts, do you realize I have two PhD's? One in Robotics, and another in Artificial Intelligence?

Of course I do. Why do you bring it up? Rebecca shook her head, chuckling ruefully.

>You've never once called me 'Doctor Mahon.' I was even introduced to you as 'Doctor Rebecca Mahon,' and you called me Rebecca ever since. She stood up and walked over to James Robert's unconscious body, peering down at it with contempt. “I'm a fucking doctor, you prick.” She turned and roamed around the office, occasionally glancing at the monitor beside her superior. She could see he was messaging her, but she was busy doing anything other than acknowledging him.

The computer beeped almost an hour later, signaling that it was nearing completion. She slowly put her cell phone away and moved back to the computer. In her absence, James had gone somewhat mad.

I'm sorry. I didn't realize it was a big deal.

Of course I can call you Doctor Mahon.

Doctor Mahon?


Are you there? Did something go wrong?

Doctor Mahon, answer me. Has something gone wrong? Tell me what you're doing.

Rebecca, what is happening?

Rebecca, answer me.

...Where am I being uploaded? What is this drive? I don't recognize it.


I'm sorry. Please answer me.


Doctor Mahon clucked her tongue, chuckling to herself. >Temper, temper, James. It's my external hard drive. I figured I should store you somewhere safe.

What? An external? What do you mean? What are you doing?

>You're really not getting it, are you? I'm getting rid of you. I already made a replacement personality to take over your body, and I'll store this facsimile... Hmm. You know, I haven't actually decided what to do with it yet. But I'll have a lot of time to think about that. No sooner had she entered the text than she felt a small bump against her chair. The automated cleaning machine backed up, whirred slightly to the right, and bumped into her chair again. She stared at it with wonder.

Doctor Mahon, think about what you're doing. This is... this is kidnapping and murder all at once! You can't do this to me! Shut this down right now! Rebecca pulled her attention away from the machine and back to her computer. She closed the window, silencing her former boss, and began work on her real project.

“Don't worry, James. You'll feel a lot better very soon.”

A week later, Rebecca Mahon sat in her office, concentrating on a problem that had vexed her over the weekend. A timid knock came from the door, and she allowed herself to be distracted. “Come in.”

James Roberts entered what had once been his office, carrying a small covered cup of water. “H-here you are, Doctor Mahon.” He extended a hand and she took it impatiently, bringing it to her lips to test it. James stood in front of her desk, hands folded in front of himself, as he waited for her judgement.

“Very good, James,” she said at last, nodding. “You're getting the concept of basic temperature down. Soon enough I'll trust you to get me something that doesn't come out of a faucet.”

“Oh, thank you Doctor Mahon!” There was apparent enthusiasm in his voice. “Thank you so much! I can't wait! I-I think I'm even ready to get you your coffee!”

Rebecca chuckled. “Baby steps, James. Now shoo, I've got work to do. Make sure you don't get in anyone's way, we're doing important work in this lab.”

“Of course, Doctor Mahon. Thank you, Doctor Mahon.” He gave a small bow as he retreated from the room, shutting the door behind him. She stared at the door for a long moment, thinking self-congratulatory thoughts to herself, when again knocking filled her office.

“What is it now, James?”

Anette, another researcher, poked her head in. “Actually it's me, Doctor Mahon.”

“Oh, Doctor Devry. How can I help?” The woman stepped into the office, holding the small, disc-like cleaning machine in her hands.

“It's the Roomba... we think we might need a replacement. Recently all it's been doing is bumping into our feet. It can turn, but once it finds someone it just kind of latches on and chases them around.” She looked down at it and giggled. “Well, as much as a Roomba can give chase.”

“Well that's a shame,” Rebecca said with a wry smile of her own. “Just put it in that box there, I'll look into a replacement soon.”

“Thanks. Sorry to bother you with something like this,” Anette said as she crossed the room, depositing the machine top-down in the box.

“Not at all! You can always feel free to come to me with this sort of thing. Thank you very much for bringing it to my attention.” The women exchanged a smile, and Anette let herself out of the office. Rebecca stood and walked over to the box, looking down at the machine.


Its little wheels whirred helplessly in the air.

This is a weird story. It's not really macrophilic, but I have fantasies like this /all the time/, so maybe I'm going to start writing some of them? Anyway it's super short. I hope you like it, etc.
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: violence/gore)

 A soft murmur filtered through the crowd as they looked down at the miniature girl, just another victim in a strange shrinking phenomenon sweeping the nation. Becka heard snippets of conversations, all speaking about her as though she was a novelty. Tears stung her eyes as she tried desperately to cover her modesty, wholly uncomfortable with her impromptu theatre-in-the-round performance.

“C-couldn't have happened to a bigger loser, right guys?” a voice came clear through the crowd. Turning their attention, they saw a single girl pushing her way into the center of the ring, standing directly over Becka with her hands on her hips. “I mean, this is just desserts for being such a... a, w-well, you know, a loser!”

“W-Wendy...” Becka stammered, her former friend's words cutting her to the core. She could see traces of sympathy in the towering girl's eyes, but her words and posture were ominous portents. “Please...”

“You gonna do something to her?” another girl asked Wendy, “Or are you just a more full-size loser?”

“No you fuck!” Wendy snapped back more harshly than she had intended. She took a deep breath, looking back down at her friend. She was genuinely sorry for what she had to do, but an opportunity like this didn't come along often. There had been four other shrinkings on campus this year alone, but to her dismay she had missed all of them. She would be damned if she let this slip through her fingers, even if it was Becka.

“Sorry Becka. There's no cure anyway, and even if there was you know you weren't gonna get out of this hallway alive. If it wasn't me, it'd be someone,” Wendy explained to the tiny girl. “It's sorta better this way, isn't it?”

“Wendy, please! Please don't do this, just help me!”

“Sorry,” she repeated, though she was becoming increasingly desensitized to her friend's plight. Couldn't Becka see what an opportunity this was for Wendy to get into the In Crowd? She resented her tiny friend's selfishness. Wendy lifted her sole slightly, pushing Becka onto her back and settling the sole of her shoe on the girl's bare chest.

“You know, if you really want to be cool, you'll do it barefoot,” said a tall blonde to Wendy's left.

“Oh yeah, Ciara's totally right. You should do it barefoot.”

“Barefoot's the way to go.”

“Who gives a fuck, just step on her, man!”

Wendy closed her eyes, blocking out the obnoxious catcalls of her fellow students. They want barefoot, I'll give them barefoot, she thought. Her shoe lifted off of Becka, who was now sobbing so hard she shook. Wendy quickly slid her right shoe off, taking the sock with it, then refocused on Becka.

“Fast or slow?” She meant to address the crowd, but Wendy found herself making eye contact with Ciara, who folded her arms across her chest.

“Oh, definitely slow. Make the little bitch suffer.” Wendy nodded in response and looked back down. Becka had crawled to her hands and knees and was desperately trying to scurry underneath her own clothing, laying in a haphazard pile around her. Wendy smirked and pressed her big toe down on the diminutive damsel in distress, pinning her to the floor.

“Please help me! Someone help!” Becky squeaked out beneath her friend's digit. “This is inhumane!”

“Oh, shut up,” Wendy sighed. She pressed down with her toe, shattering Becky's ribs into her body. The tiny girl twitched and spasmed in agony, shards of bone piercing and tearing through her intestines. She clawed uselessly at the grungy linoleum, writhing like a bug beneath Wendy's toe. The bigger girl continued the assault, relishing the dying squeals of her miniature friend much more than she had expected. She knew that on some level Becky would be happy for her, knowing that her death was elevating her friend's social status. Becky was a good friend.

Wendy ground her toe into Becky, causing a few more snaps and squelches before lifting off. The tiny girl's whole midsection was completely flattened, making her look like roadkill. Wendy wiped the mess off on Becky's clothes, then looked up at Ciara hopefully. “Th-this makes me cool now, right?” The blonde girl just rolled her eyes and giggled, her posse joining in the laughter a half-second later.

“No, nerd. We don't care that you squished some little loser.” She walked off, lackeys in tow, and the crowd around Wendy slowly dispersed, leaving her alone. She was shellshocked. She had just crushed her best friend, she'd done it the exact way they'd asked, and they still snubbed her?

“You fucking BITCH!” Wendy screamed, kicking Becky's clothes and sending the little corpse flying against a wall where it landed with a wet splat, segmenting into two parts. She stared hatefully at the inanimate body stuck to the wall. “This is all your fault. If you would have just not been such a fucking CUNT they would have accepted me!” She reared back and launched a glob of spittle at her former friend before storming off, her hands balled in fists of rage.

Several days later, Wendy was still fuming over her bitter humiliation in the hall. It just wasn't fair! That should have been her moment, but Becka had been too self-centered to give a good show for everyone! She walked beside Morgan, her new best friend and the only follower she'd gained from that incident. The girl followed her around like a puppy, lavishing praise on her. It was earned, sure, but it wasn't enough. She needed more.

“Anyway, I was just thinking that after class we could...” Morgan droned on endlessly, her words falling on deaf ears. Wendy had an odd feeling in the pit of her stomach, like she was worried about something but she wasn't sure what. She muttered softly that she didn't feel well, but before she could repeat herself in a louder voice everything exploded away from her, leaving her in darkness save for a single point of light.


Wendy crawled toward the light through the soft, dark tunnel that was eerily familiar. She emerged into a nightmare: the hallway of her dorm, but now the ceiling was a mile away. All around her, her towering classmates who she had shared the space with a moment before were all looking down at her, pointing and laughing.

Even Morgan was now standing over her with the same shocked, happy face that anyone wore when they witnessed a spontaneous shrinking. "Oh my god! She's sooo tiny!"

"Who's tiny," a familiar voice called.

Wendy turned toward the sound, and where the crowd parted. She gasped; her stomach plummeted down through her like a runaway elevator: Ciara and her ever-present lackeys were striding forward, giant, looking taller every second. The colossal blonde's blue eyes locked on Wendy's cowering form, looking down her nose at her, and her lips curled into a cruel smile. The trio looked to have come from the floor's communal shower, wearing faded t-shirts and sweats and bare feet, their hair pulled up in messy ponytails, sans makeup. The small part of Wendy's mind that wasn't frozen in terror hated how good they looked, even still.

The feet of the popular giants surrounded her: Ciara's light skin and long toes; Jeanie's, tan like toffee, with green nails; the slender feet and cream-colored flesh of Mabel.

The tiny woman screamed as shadow overtook her. "C'mere, loser," Ciara said, and her long, thin fingers were all around Wendy. The giant hand stretched over her for a moment like a bird cage, and then Ciara's pale fingers closed in on her and she felt herself shooting up through the air.

Wendy dangled before Ciara's delighted face; the queen of queens amongst cliques. Venom dripped from Ciara's pink lips: "Well if it isn't Little Miss Popular."

Wendy's mouth opened to respond but then she screamed instead; she tumbled into Ciara's waiting palm. The little thing scrambled across the sloping, soft flesh of Ciara's manicured hand, raising up onto her knees. Her eyes widened as she looked into Ciara's grinning face and saw how her other hand hovered, finger cocked. There was a blur of motion as Ciara whacked Wendy across her breasts, sending the naked little woman back into her fingers with a squeal. Wendy writhed; crying and holding her bruised breasts.

"Please!" Wendy begged. "Please, don't d-d-do this!"

"Don't d-d-dooo this!" Ciara mocked and everyone around her laughed. Dizziness overcame Wendy as the world suddenly spun all around her. She was dumped into Jeanie's waiting, tan hand.

"Ugh," Jeanie muttered, "I swear: it's always the ass-ugly kids that shrink. Look at the mug on this little bitch."

Wendy looked up into Jeanie's smirking face and uncaring brown eyes; the giant's visage swam beyond her tears. She just scarcely made out the woman's other hand hovering over her.

Jeanie pinched Wendy's hair between her fingers and led her around her palm, like a leash. When she tripped she was pulled, dragged, kicking and shrieking. Her scalp burned; it felt like Jeanie was going to rip all her hair out. Then all at once her hair was released, and Wendy tripped forward face-first into the giant's plush brown flesh.

"Heads up, nerd," Jeanie said.

Wendy rolled over just in time to see Jeanie's fingers returning. Her giant former classmate laughed; the tiny woman looked over in terror as her arm disappeared between Jeanie's huge fingertips. Then they twisted against one another with a snap. Wendy flailed, screaming, fire spreading through her arm as her elbow bent in only wrong, painful ways now. "Ah-haha," Jeanie laughed, and then Wendy found herself tumbling again.

She looked up into Mabel's face, her pretty Japanese features showing every bit of her glee. Wendy rolled around on the woman's palm, gripping her arm and wailing. When Mabel's fingers approached she kicked and screamed with "no no no no!" Mabel's soft fingertips pinched and pinched at her kicking legs; then all at once Wendy couldn't move one, and looked down to see it held. "Mabel, noooooo" -- snap. Mabel's fingers released her and Wendy rocked herself atop the giant woman's palm, her arm snapped at the elbow; her leg halfway down her shin: it was torn open, showing ripped meat and bone.

"Oh goood," Wendy wailed.

"You want to try?" Mabel asked.

"Ooh, sure," Morgan said. She giggled as she felt Wendy spill into her palm. Wendy's eyes snapped up at her friend in shock. "Morgan, you can't!" But Morgan did, her fingertip pressing down on Wendy's stomach and pinning her to her palm. Then, as Morgan's brown eyes looked down into hers, the fingertip started to press more and more, and then too much, and Wendy felt her guts shifting inside of her with nowhere to go. Her insides pushed up through her painfully as her limbs thrashed and her neck bulged; she puked a spurt of blood and viscera out of her mouth.

"Ewww," Morgan said, wrinkling her nose but looking pleased.

Wendy was in a bad way. Her brain was still trying to tally up the damage. The middle of her was sunken and empty-looking, like a pillow that's lost its stuffing. She watched the world roll as she tumbled from the soft flesh of her ex-friend's hand and found herself staring back up at Ciara's blue eyes -- which studied her -- and the woman's delighted grin.

The queen said nothing. The palm of her other hand appeared over Wendy's misshapen, twitching form. Wendy could see all the little lines and wrinkles of the well cared for palm as it lowered down on her and everything darkened. She tried to plead for Ciara's mercy but spat up more blood instead. She was mercilessly pressed between the two planes of soft flesh; then they they started to spin around her. Wendy tumbled and crumbled and crackled and broke between Ciara's rubbing hands. Every inch of her felt twisted and torn. The pain left her blind, deaf, and dumb, all her senses shutting down, as Ciara rolled her into a ball.

The giant blonde held her hand up and smirked down at her handiwork. The crowd in the hallway laughed approvingly. Ciara's smile widened and her face moved forward over Wendy's balled body on her palm; she held aside the hair that drooped free from her loose ponytail; she pursed her lips and spittle blossomed between them. The glob of saliva fell down onto Wendy's balled body, large and warm, oozing down into all her cracks and wounds.

Wendy could just see Ciara's beautiful face through the crushed web-like form of her ruined body around her -- glowing, grinning -- and then everything darkened as Ciara's fingers came down on her. "Bye, loser," Ciara called with sing-song sweetness. The woman's spit tickled her all over as it bubbled; she could hear it crackle; all her many cuts small and large were stinging from the saliva as the fluid seeped into her. The most popular girl in school's fingers smashed down onto her all at once, crushing her her flat against her palm. Wendy felt her skull cracking open, then nothing.

This is a collaboration with :iconthebauta: who wrote something for me after I wrote something for him and we were like HEY THESE ARE COOL. It's a simultaneous upload, so if you already read it on his page you don't need to reread this and vice-versa!
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: nudity, sexual themes, violence/gore and strong language)

 “Treeeeeeeeeees!” Amy giggled to herself in the backseat of Karen's white sedan. They were headed to a lodge for a weekend retreat with the women from work, all of whom Karen despised with a passion. To Karen's right sat her best friend, Christina, who stared determinedly out the window, as if forcing herself to ignore the imbecile in the backseat. Karen wasn't Amy's biggest fan either, but the girl was nice enough, and surely not as bad as the other harpies from the office.

“Amy, hon, is there a radio station you'd prefer listening to?” Karen suggested, picking up on Christina's frustration.

“Oh no, this is great! I love classic rock!” Amy said cheerfully. Christina snorted, then rolled her eyes as the young redhead started singing along with whatever was playing at the moment. She couldn't stand chipper people.

“Why are we even going to this thing?” Christina asked Karen, talking over the background noise of Amy's singing.

“Because I've got a very special surprise in store that you're going to just love.”

“I can't imagine that's true.” She sighed and looked out the passenger-side window once more. “This is just going to be another opportunity for Alexis to show us all how rich and high-class she is. 'Oh, have you tried the Chateau LeDouché? Oh yes, it's six thousand years old, first brewed by the ancient Egyptians! Rumor has it they used the blood of Pharaohs to make it!'” Christina rolled her eyes again. “Kill me now.”

“Oh come on, Chris, she's not gonna say that. Heck, I don't even think you brew wine, do you? Do you... distill it?”

“Actually, you just ferment it!” Amy chimed in. “If you distilled wine you'd just get alcohol! And no... no, you don't brew it at all.”

Christina said nothing in response, choosing instead to continue staring sullenly out the window. Amy resumed her singing and the three women drove in relative silence for another hour before reaching the lodge. It was a grand wooden building that looked older than any building Karen had ever seen before. She parked amongst the other cars in a gravel lot off to the side of the building, and the three got out, staring up at the building.

“Bigger than I thought it'd be,” Christina admitted.

“Oh, it's lovely! Come on, let's go inside!” Amy raced ahead, heedless of anything except for what was directly in front of her. Karen put her arm around Christina, smiling.

“Come on, you're gonna have a great time.”

“What's this surprise you're talking about, anyway?”

“Well now, if I told you, it-”

“-wouldn't be a surprise,” the friends finished together as Christina sighed in mild annoyance. “Got it. Want to go stand in the corner and make fun of everybody?”

“Actually I need to do something first. You go ahead, I'll be right behind you.”

“Fine then, I'll go make my own fun,” she said sarcastically before walking off in the direction Amy had gone. Karen, meanwhile, ran her hand over a small vial in her pocket, smiling to herself.

Christina's “own fun,” as she herself discovered, was remarkably similar to her plans with her friend, only without her friend's actual presence. She stood in the corner of the main room, holding her hand around her wine glass in such a way as to conceal how much she was swallowing with every gulp.

“Christina!” Amy called from clear across the room, drawing the attention of several various groups who looked between the two women. “Christina, come over here! You have to try this!”

Red-faced, Christina crossed the room as quickly as possible, keeping her eyes on the floor to avoid meeting the gaze of her coworkers. She assured herself that it wasn't because she was intimidated. Amy had just caught her off-guard. She was embarrassed for Amy, not for herself. Still, she knew these hoity-toity bitches were judging her, their eyes raking over her body in contempt. Who were they to think such things? Christina yearned for the opportunity to show them who was really inferior. Something she could rub in their faces, something from which they couldn't look away or avoid.

“Here!” Amy said as she offered the approaching Christina a glass, her voice still obnoxiously loud and high-pitched. “Isn't this the best? Alexis says it's made in France!”

“A Duhart-Milon Pauillac, in fact.” Alexis was a striking woman at the office, and here in her element she was downright regal. She wore a long, silver dress that complimented her long blonde hair and generous bosom. She was easily the best-dressed in the room, and smiled radiantly as Christina hesitantly took the glass, setting her own down on a nearby table for the moment. “It's not even the Piéce de résistance, just something I thought I'd bring out for show!”

Christina smiled in a friendly manner, nodding her head. “One wonders why you even bother working,” she muttered as she swirled the glass and sniffed it, pretending she'd ever done anything with alcohol besides drink it.

“What was that?” Alexis asked, her smile still frozen on her face.

“Nothing,” came Christina's muttered reply as she tilted the wine into her mouth. “Mmm. Mm.” She nodded and closed her eyes, as if she wasn't drinking the wine as much as she was experiencing it. In reality, she was gauging how drunk she was, and how much more she'd need to drink before she could enjoy being here.

“Isn't it great?” Amy asked, her smile much more genuine than Alexis'.

“Yeah. Oh, yeah, you can really taste the...” Christina paused, blanking on any word that would fit the situation. “Uh, effort. That went into making it. It really – it's a good job. Good wine. They, uh... really stomped those grapes good. Or, I mean, well. Stomped well.”

Alexis just stared at Christina blankly. The two women regarded one another a moment longer, then Christina nodded once more. “Well, Amy and I have to go do something so... c'mon Amy.” She took the redhead by the arm, leading her away.

“Where are we going?” Amy asked Christina, who was busy taking another long gulp of wine.

“Uh,” she wiped her mouth before responding. “We're going to go find me some more wine.” Her vision was already a little blurry, but Christina knew herself – she would need more.

“You know you're not really supposed to get drunk at these things, right? I'm pretty sure that's what these buckets are for, so you don't get hammered?”

Christina was about to retort when Alexis clanged her glass, drawing the attention of the room. “Ladies! The real wines are being brought up now, so clear your palettes! These are going to change the way you experience flavor – heck, you guys might not be able to go back to regular drinks!” Everybody laughed politely, but Christina just had her eyes on the stairs Alexis had indicated.


It hadn't been hard to get the location of the wine – although, Karen admitted to herself, she should have guessed it was in the basement. Still, Brooke had eagerly given up the information when Karen suggested Alexis didn't put as much faith in the former as she may have liked to believe. These women really were idiots, but none of that would matter soon.

As she reached the bottom of the stairs, Karen panicked. Wine racks! There were probably hundreds of bottles along the walls of the basement! She immediately began strategizing: she probably had enough solution for three bottles if she was careful with the dosages, but which three were the most likely? Oh, why hadn't she thought to get the name of the wine? She hadn't thought to expect this much wine – what person who had an office job, even as a secretary, owned this much wine?

Her eyes fell on a table with a fine white tablecloth stretched over it, and a single bottle resting in two wooden holders on its side. The label was clearly presented towards her, and she sighed in relief. Of course it was clearly marked – Alexis knew she worked with uncultured masses, and probably didn't trust whoever was retrieving it to know where to look!

Karen walked briskly to the bottle, carefully working the cork off, then pulled the glass vial out of her pocket. Oh, she couldn't wait to get back upstairs and watch the reaction on her friends' faces! She quickly dumped the contents into the wine, gave the bottle a quick swirl, then forced the cork back in. It wasn't perfect, but Karen doubted anyone would notice.

Just as she was returning the bottle to its spot, she heard the basement door swing open, and footsteps coming down the wooden stairs. She swore under her breath and retreated further into the basement, hiding around a shallow corner.

“On its side on the white table, can't miss it,” a female voice said. Karen didn't recognize it, but it was probably just because of the acoustics of the room.

“And make sure you don't smash it with your big monkey hands!” Another voice said.

“Really, you should be honored I even deign to speak with you at all! I have a winery!”

“And a lodge!” The two women giggled to themselves. Karen found herself smiling along with them, and was tempted to reveal herself and her plan, but it was too risky. These ladies seemed like good folk, but sometimes sacrifices had to be made. She kept silent as she listened on.

“You take it back up, I'm going to... check the inventory,” the first woman said in a conspiratorial tone.

“Sure, all right,” replied the other. Karen heard footsteps ascend the stairs once more, and then silence. For a moment, she wondered if they had both gone upstairs. She was about to round the corner when she was startled by a loud SMASH! Karen shrieked in surprise.

“Who's there?” The response was immediate and hostile. Looking to the side, Karen saw shards of broken glass and wine spilling across the concrete floor. She peeked her head out of the corner and saw a woman she didn't recognize brandishing a wine bottle by the neck. She was short and portly, and stared at Karen with narrow, suspicious eyes.

“Are you seriously spying for Alexis?” she asked. Karen's eyes went wide. She put her hands out in front of her, shaking her head.

“Oh no, no, not at all! I hate her as much as you do, I promise!”

The other woman regarded her a bit longer. “Nah... I think you're spying for her. What the fuck else are you doing down here, hiding around the corner like a rat?”

“J-just...” Karen didn't know what to say. She didn't want to spoil her plan just yet, but she needed to get back upstairs quickly, to warn her friends off from drinking the wine. Still, there was no way she could take this woman in a fight. Her thoughts went to the vial in her pocket. “You caught me. I... found this stuff in Alexis' medicine cabinet, and... y'know, I just swiped it and took it.” She did her best to look impaired, widening her smile and her eyes unnaturally. “It's... it's pretty good stuff.”

The round woman looked at her suspiciously, but seemed interested. “You... got any more?”

Smiling internally, Karen retrieved the vial, holding it up to her eyes. There was the faintest drop resting at the bottom of the glass, small enough that Karen wasn't sure it would help. Still, she had to try; at the very least it would even the playing field.

“Yeah, a little bit. There were only a few drops when I took it myself.” Karen giggled absently. “Shit gets you fucked up.”

Her guard lowered, the other lady set her wine bottle down on the ground, taking Karen's vial from her with thick, pudgy fingers. “Lemme try that,” she insisted, turning the vial over and sticking her tongue out. Karen watched as the single drop of liquid rolled down the glass, dangled tantalizingly on the rim, then dropped onto the woman's tongue.

The effect was nearly immediate. Karen watched as the woman opposite her dwindled away, shrinking into her clothes. She was also surprised by the potency; even a single drop reduced the woman to only a few inches in height. Initially the robust woman seemed pleased, enjoying what she surely thought were hallucinatory effects of the drug, but it didn't take her long to piece together that it was anything but.

“So sorry,” Karen said with only a hint of sincerity in her voice. When the woman finally stopped shrinking, she looked like a fat little mouse waddling around on the ground at Karen's feet. The normal-sized girl knocked over her unfamiliar coworker with a nudge of her big toe, sending her to her back, limbs flailing like an overturned beetle.

Karen watched the tiny thing struggle back to its feet before kicking it over again. It was so easy to torment, there was nothing it could do but helplessly take whatever Karen decided to give it. She even wondered to herself whether or not the thing at her feet had ever really been human. It seemed so surreal to have such power over another person's life, surely whatever this creature was had always been tiny, right? She smirked as she knocked it over again, exhaustion clearly showing in the tiny, pudgy thing. This is too much fun. I can't wait to show – oh, shit!

In the next second, Karen raised her foot up above the squirming creature and brought it down hard. The creature didn't have time enough to scream. Only a wet, crunchy plop came from beneath the sole of her black business pump, and when she scraped her foot across the concrete it left a slick, red-yellow trail behind. Karen scrunched her face up in disgust, but there was no time to waste. She ran to the stairs, dashing up them as quickly as she could, praying she would make it in time.

“Um, Chrissie, I really don't think you shou-”

“Hey, hey Amy? If I wanted to hear from an ass, I'd fart, okay?” the drunken woman replied. “Now come on, take a glass. Shit was probably peed out by, like, Pope Jesus of Nazareth or some shit.” The two women stood amongst others around a table adorned in red cloth. One of the ladies was pouring small servings of the fine wine into glasses, handing them to anonymous, outstretched arms.

Amy sighed, looking at her friend. She didn't like seeing her like this, but it was probably okay. She reached her arm out for a glass, but just as she was about to be handed one Christina swooped in, taking it in her free hand.

“Haha, too slow!” she grinned. Amy was about to say something, but something caught her eye. Karen was standing at the top of the stairs to the basement, drawing a quick line over her throat with her fingers as if to say No, stop, don't!

“Ch-Chrissie, Karen is-”

“Karen's a pruuuuuuuude,” Christina said before tilting her head back and pouring the drink down her throat. She lowered her left hand and raised her right, downing the second splash seconds after the first. Amy watched Karen's eyes go wide. She wasn't sure what was happening, but she had a sick sense of dread welling within her.

Most of the other women were just getting ready to taste their drinks. Amy wondered if Karen knew something they didn't, but she didn't seem concerned with stopping anyone else. She just looked into Amy's eyes, once again mouthing Don't, and that was good enough for Amy.

“All right everyone, feel free to taste, and go ahead and drink this one! Wouldn't want it to go to waste, after all!” Alexis laughed, and her workmates laughed with her. Amy reached out a hand to put on Christina's shoulder, but frowned as she realized her friend was gone. She peered through the crowd, wondering if she had drunkenly stumbled off, but she didn't see any movement, besides that of ladies raising their glasses to their mouths.

All at once, Amy had an intense feeling of vertigo. She thought the world was falling away from her as the mostly-even plateau of heads in the crowd suddenly shrank down, and Amy stumbled backwards, her arms pinwheeling as she fell. Just before she felt like she should impact the ground, her ass instead landed on something that emitted a horrible shriek. Amy rolled away and saw Lindsey from HR clutching her chest. She was half the size of Amy and getting smaller by the second.

“Tough break for her,” Karen said, squatting beside Amy. The confused redhead looked up at her friend, hoping for an explanation, but Karen just got down on her knees, rummaged through the clothes and withdrew the bruised, bleeding body of Lindsey, now only a couple inches long.

“Wh... what?”

“I spiked the wine. I'm sorry, I meant to warn you guys earlier, but I got... delayed.” Karen was talking to Amy, but her eyes never left the little thing pinched between her index finger and thumb, dangling from its ankle. Lindsey shrieked and howled, but all her efforts were completely futile. “And... did I see that right? Did Chris drink two glasses?” Amy nodded slowly, and Karen shook her head, chuckling. “Oh man, she should not have done that. C'mere, get on your hands and knees and help me look.”

Christina heaved like a sorority girl. She felt like every single bit of matter inside her was coming out the front, and her misery was exacerbating by the confusing, horrifying circumstances in which she found herself. She was surrounded by a huge black fabric, as if someone had pulled a black bag over the head of the entire party. She wanted to explore her surroundings, but every five seconds her stomach convulsed, sending up what little it had left.

Suddenly there was light. It was overwhelmingly intense, and Christina rolled onto her back, raising her arm up to shield her eyes from the light. Slowly her eyes adjusted, and a familiarly-strange face hovered above her. The short red hair, the dark brown eyes... if the face wasn't so colossal, Christina might have even thought it was Amy!

“Oh, I think I found her!” the visage boomed as her eyes locked onto Christina. A second later another face, this one Karen's, slid into view. A dark smirk curled the corners of her mouth up.

“Enjoying yourself, Chrissy?” Karen asked, lowering her face to get a better view. “How was the wine?”

“K-Karen...?” Christina stammered, unsure of what to say to this shape-shifting deity.

“What happened to her?” Amy asked.

“She drank too much. You're just supposed to taste the wine, darling.” Karen held the dangling Lindsey up between her fingers. Though she was small to the goddesses, to Christina she was still immense. Karen let the tiny giantess drop from her hand, landing on her head with a sickening crack. Amy's hand shot to her mouth in shock, but her eyes betrayed her delight.

“Should we help her? I mean, she is still our friend. You didn't want her to drink the wine, did you?”

Karen shook her head. “No, I didn't, but there's no help. There's no way to reverse it. The dumb little thing is stuck like this. Why did she drink two, anyway?”

The tiny girl hated the way the two were talking about her as if she wasn't there, but her head was spinning far too much for her to really interject. “She stole mine! Took it right out of my hand!” Amy said in mock anger, grinning down at the little victim. “I guess I should thank you, though, Chrissy. I definitely wouldn't wanna be that itty-bitty.”

“W-wait...” Christina said before dry heaving again, drawing a peal of laughter from the goddesses overhead. The two grotesquely mimicked her own vomiting, snickering down at her. To her core, Christina felt hurt and betrayed. She couldn't understand why these two were being so cruel. Weren't they her friends? She wouldn't treat them the same way, were the situations reversed!

“Unfortunately, we really only have one option here,” Karen said with a sigh as she rose to her feet. Amy remained kneeling, studying the delightfully tiny form of her former friend. Christina tried to take in Karen's full form, but she was simply too large to comprehend. She was an all-powerful Goddess towering over the little speck of a girl Christina had become.

“You can't mean we should just... smush her?” Amy said, pulling her mouth to the side.

“There's nothing else to do. I was going to suggest we stomp all these other bitches anyway,” she gestured around herself to the tiny little ladies scattered around the room, fleeing from the giant predators. “Now that she's made herself a victim, I don't see why we shouldn't treat her like the rest.”

“You were awfully whiny, Christina,” said the redheaded giantess. She paused, then giggled to herself. “Get it? Whiny?”

“Aww, don't tease the little thing,” mused Karen. She was losing interest in this by the second. If Amy wasn't clearly enjoying herself, she would have already turned Christina into an imperceptible streak. “Do you want to do it, or shall I?”

“I can do it,” Amy responded, smirking. She reached her hand out, hovering her index finger over the miniscule maiden. “Any last words, Christina?”

“Pl-lease! Please don't do this! I-I don't want to die! Karen, please! Please don't let her do this! I love you! I love both of you, I thought we were friends! Please Karen, Amy, please! I trusted you! Please don't do this!”

The giantesses peered down at her as she screamed for mercy. “Did she say anything?” Karen asked in earnest. Amy shook her head, not having heard anything either.

“No, probably too wasted to really understand what's happening.”

“No, please! Amy, please! I don't want to die! I want to live!”

“Oh well. Get rid of her and let's start squishing stragglers.”

Amy lowered the pad of her finger onto Christina. It amazed her how she could envelop an entire person with such a little part of her. The tiny girl shrieked and fought with all her might, but Amy felt none of it. Within seconds, Christina had been crushed into a thin smear. Amy wiped the stain off on Christina's old clothes, then brushed her fingertips together to be sure she'd gotten it all off. “Like a little bug,” Karen eulogized.

“Do we have to squish them in here, though?” Amy asked as she stood up, still looking at the spot where Christina had got squished.

“Why, what else did you have in mind?”

The din of screams resonated off the wooden walls of the barrel, the concentrated terror reaching the ears of Karen and Amy as they looked down at their prey.

“This is... this is something else, Amy,” Karen said, chuckling and shaking her head. Amy was wide-eyed with excitement. Her bare toes wiggled in the grass beside the basin, her shoes long since discarded.

“You wanna come in with me?” she asked. She wasn't sure when or how to start; she was certainly eager to, but she didn't want to spoil the fun by being overzealous.

“No, I think I'm all right out here,” Karen said, glancing down at her own shoes. “I splatted one of them earlier, that's enough for me for now.”

Amy had stopped paying attention long before Karen had finished speaking. She couldn't restrain herself any more. She swung her legs over the edge of the barrel and sat down on the rim, dangling her feet above the tiny masses. Her playthings scurried away from her, crowding the other side of the barrel, and Amy giggled.

“You guys know you can't get away from me, right?” she gingerly set her feet down, towering before the horde. Amy wiggled her toes in anticipation. “Where do you think you're scampering off to, hmm?”

Far below her, several tried to cry out to her, to appeal to her sense of mercy or kindness or camaraderie, but their cries were drowned out by the panicked masses. Amy took a long, slow step forward, her heel resting on the ground while her sole hovered overhead, poised to crush a half dozen of the little women. They screamed and fled, molding away from her foot like a sentient gel.

“Just start squishing them already,” Karen said, resting her forearms on the rim of the barrel as she leaned forward to watch. Amy ignored her instruction, instead slowly teasing the crowd around the container with her bare soles. “This is getting boring.”

“Then take a few and kill them yourself!” Amy suggested cheerfully. Nothing could get her down, not when five dozen people uselessly ran for their lives away from her in a giant circle, powerless to stop the inevitable. Karen just rolled her eyes and kept watching.

Finally, someone stumbled. Amy couldn't recognize them at their height, but it didn't much matter. She was a small, pale thing, and she had been pushed over and trampled by her coworkers. Amy grinned as she realized she would be demonstrating the true meaning of being trampled to the little thing.

“Whoops,” she teased, keeping her even pace but shifting her foot slightly so the little girl was directly in her path. Before her victim could react, Amy's sole was on her, pressing her face-down against the wine-stained wood. The little girl opened her mouth to scream for mercy, but Amy was in no mood to take her time. A spray of blood instead erupted from her little mouth, followed by more oozing from her nostrils and eyes. Her arms flailed forward in an instinctual motion to drag herself away, her nails catching and ripping off on the uneven surface beneath her.

Suddenly, Amy stopped. She gave her foot a small twist, eliciting another series of crunches from the girl and trailing her intestines beside her, but leaving her otherwise alive. The crowd at her feet watched as the mutilated woman struggled to hang on to life, the color quickly draining from her flesh. She tried to call out to them, but the only noise she was capable of making was a soft gurgle.

“Oh god, that's sick,” Karen chuckled as she and Amy admired the latter's handiwork. “Christina kinda lucked out with getting smushed as quick as she did, huh?”

“Yeah, I guess so!” Amy agreed, giggling as she used her big toe to tease the woman's lower half away from her torso. Many of the other captives took the opportunity to relieve themselves as they watched Amy's senseless act of sadism, her playful eyes dancing over the crowd as another human being died struggling at her feet.

“Okay, that was pretty cool,” Karen admitted, “but don't do that for all of them. It'll take too long.”

“Well, what else would I do?”

There was a beat as the women stared into one another's eyes. Karen smiled.

“Well, you are standing in a wine barrel.”

Amy turned her head slowly, methodically towards her prisoners, beaming down at them. “You know what, Karen?” she began, taking a step forward. “You're right.”

There was no more warning. In one moment the group was frozen in unbelieving fear, and in the next Amy's foot was among them, four lives claimed before they knew what was happening. A powerful rumble shook the barrel, her stomp knocking them off-balance physically as well as psychologically. Those who managed to keep their bearings ran from her foot, driven by primal fear. They pounded uselessly on the walls of the barrel, screaming up to Karen or God or anything to save them from this monstrous woman.

“Holy shit Karen, did you see that!?” Amy laughed before stomping another small group, blood and entrails exploding away from her stomp. “Raaaaaar! I'm a monster!”

Karen wiped at her eye, having felt a spot of moisture. “Ugh, I think you got some of them on me,” she said, pulling out her pocket mirror to casually make sure she wasn't spattered in blood. Amy continued her rampage, smashing people with every stomp. Several women were only half-crushed, stuck to her sole by their blood, falling back to the increasingly-gory floor as she raised her foot again.

“Whoa~” Amy said playfully, putting her arms out. “You guys are getting the barrel all slick! I might just topple over and smush the rest of you!”

Satisfied that her perfect complexion had not been marred, Karen rolled her eyes and put away the mirror. “You're already smushing them,” she reminded. Amy just laughed, smashing another little woman beneath her heel.

Alexis knew nothing but terror. She desperately scrambled and crawled away from the psychopathic titaness' footfalls, covered from head-to-toe in the blood of her coworkers. Oh god, she could even taste it in her mouth and feel it running down her throat. She wanted to weep, but her body wouldn't let her do anything other than search for an exit.

“Help me!” someone cried. Alexis turned just in time to see a colossal heel simply replace the space the woman had occupied not a second before, crushing everything beneath it into goop. That would not happen to Alexis. She was better than that. She deserved better than that.

After another stomp, a hail of bodies cascaded down against a portion of the wall, slumping together in a tangled mess of mutilated limbs and assorted viscera. Alexis stared at it briefly, formulating a plan that her mind did its best to thoroughly reject, but another booming footfall spurred her into action.

The tiny woman sprinted as fast as she could towards the small pile of corpses, slipping and sliding a few times along the way. As she got close to the limbs, she realized something: she was much too intact to truly blend in. Alexis tried to steel herself by swallowing – an action she realized was a mistake as she felt warm blood flow down her throat – then got on her belly and wormed her way amidst the carnage.

“Alex!” she heard a familiar voice. Alexis slid an intestine off of her eye for a better view and saw Brooke on her hands and knees, trying to join her in her hiding spot.

“No!” Alexis hissed, scowling. “This is my spot! Get your own!”

“Alex, don't be selfish! We'll hide here together!”

“No, you'll ruin it! Fuck off!” The hurt look was plainly obvious on Brooke's face, but still she tried to join her friend. Alexis struck out with her foot, catching Brooke in the mouth and kicking a few teeth out. The injured woman screamed, holding her hands to her mouth as she recoiled. “I mean it! Fuck off!” Alexis repeated. The women shared a brief look before Brooke scurried away, searching out another hiding spot amidst the terror. Alexis replaced the strand of intestine over her face and watched in mute horror as Amy continued her massacre.

“Ooh, there's one!” Karen said, pointing at a small girl scurrying beneath Amy's legs. The redhead took a step back and kicked her to the ground, raising an eyebrow.

“Did you think that was gonna work?” she asked, amused. “Why would you run at a murderer?” Amy set her big toe down on the woman's chest, slowly increasing the pressure. “I mean honestly. Nobody runs towards Godzilla, you know?” As she crushed the life out of the tiny woman under her foot, Karen's eyes raked the bottom of the barrel, which now held a thin layer of blood.

“Shit, Amy,” she said sadly. “I think she might be the last one. I don't see any more that are all... you know, together.” Amy looked down at the girl struggling for her life underneath the giant toe. The thought that she was the last one didn't diminish Amy's enjoyment of her suffering at all.

“Aww. Hear that, little one? You're it!” Amy giggled. “Do you have anything you want us to know before you die?” The two women watched her face closely, and could see that she was trying to mutter out a few final words before she died, but her voice was far too weak to carry. Karen clucked her tongue.

“That's just pathetic. I can't imagine how it would feel to have my final words be wasted.”

“I know, right?” Amy agreed, snuffing the woman out with a final press of her toe. The tiny body went rigid for a brief moment, then slumped down again, lifeless. Amy let out a small sigh. “Oh well. But hey, it was fun while i-”

“Wait!” Karen exclaimed suddenly, pointing off to the side. “Something moved! Someone's in there!” Amy followed her finger with her eyes and came across a small pile of limbs haphazardly thrown together. Now that Amy was looking directly at it, it was clear their arrangement was unnatural. As she studied the pile, she saw a small twitch, and grinned widely.

“Hey!” she shouted, stomping the floor of the barrel. A leg rolled off the pile, revealing a small face peering up at Amy in utter horror. The giantess smiled down at her prize. “C'mon out of there. I won't hurt you, I promise.”

The tiny woman had no other options. She had been discovered, and truth be told she wanted to get out of her horrific hiding spot. She shook the mutilated limbs off of herself and stood up. Karen and Amy both peered at her, both ladies trying to identify her.

“Oh, it's Brooke!” Karen exclaimed at last, clapping her hands together. “Hey Brooke! Thanks so much for your help, by the way. If it wasn't for you, I wouldn't have known where to look to poison the wine! Can you imagine – these past five minutes have all been because of you!”

Brooke stared up at her gigantic captors, petrified in fear. Karen's words reached her, but their full impact just slid past her. She wished she could keep shrinking, shrink so little she could vanish out from underneath them, scurry away and be free of this nightmare.

Amy plucked her up, bringing her back to reality. A pair of giant fingers pinched her right forearm, and a massive eye stared into her face as the pressure began to increase.

“Wait!” Brooke shrieked. “Wait, I know where Alexis is! She's alive! Alexis is alive, please don't kill me I'll show you!”

“What's she squeaking?” Karen asked. Amy's eyes glinted as she looked at her friend.

“Apparently Alexis is still alive, and little Brooke here can take us to her!”

“Oh, fuck yes!” Karen cheered. “Well? Where is she?”

“P-put me on the ground, I'll show you!” Brooke pleaded to Amy, who did as she asked. Brooke walked towards Alexis' hiding spot, seeing her hate-filled eyes clearly among the gore. She raised her arm and pointed. “There she is.”

Staring down at the second pile, Amy shook her head and chuckled. “What are you guys, fucking bloodsluts? Who hides in a pile of bodies?” She teased the pile apart with her toe, causing Alexis to sprint from her hiding spot, dashing across the bottom of the barrel. “Ohhhh no you don't,” Amy laughed, knocking her down. “You stay right there.”

“See? See, I told you! I found her for you! W-will you... will you let me live?” Brooke asked hopefully.

“You bitch! I hope you rot in hell you fucking cunt! I'll fucking gouge your eyes out myself you piece of shit cocksucking moth-” Alexis' rant was cut short as Amy swiftly squished Brooke out of existence. She stared in confused shock at the spot where Brooke had once been. She had harbored no love for the woman, that was true, but the callousness with which Amy dispatched someone who had helped her did not bode well for Alexis herself.

“Do you want to do something special with her?” Amy asked, looking down at their slaughter-slathered prize. Karen regarded the tiny woman wickedly.

“You know what? I totally do. Come on, let me help you out of there.” Karen offered Amy her arms for stability, and the latter climbed out of the barrel, wiping her feet on the grass as she turned around to face Alexis.

“This has been a wonderful party,” Karen said, kneeling down momentarily. When she came back up, Alexis saw she was holding the lid to the barrel. “Really – and I think Amy will agree with me here – it was a smashing success.”

“You crushed it, Alexis,” Amy agreed with a grin.

“Unfortunately we're going to have to put a lid on it for now. Amy and I are gonna want to put some distance between us and this place, and we have a whole weekend to do so!”

“By the way, thanks for getting real estate so far away from everywhere else!”

“Oh yeah, that's a huge favor for us. You're really thoughtful.” Alexis was speechless as the two women mercilessly taunted her, detailing her grisly fate in a conversational tone. Karen leaned forward and fitted the top of the barrel into place, sealing Alexis in darkness.

“Oh, and honey?” Amy added, her voice reverberating in the hollow barrel. “You might get a little hungry in there, but just look at it this way – at least you have your friends for dinner!” That line resonated in Alexis' head long after the sound of crunching gravel had become a distant memory.

In Vino Venenum
This story is a commission based on Press by SorenZer0 by :iconsorenzer0:! I tried to get that actual scene in there but of course I took liberties and blah blah I HOPE YOU LIKE IT.

Also yes this means I am working through commissions, if you have an outstanding one FEAR NOT, I AM ON THE CASE.
All right, all right, I'm sure that by now you all have caught wind and you're headed here to make a big huff at me, so I'd like to curb as much of that as I can by saying that I'm sorry. I thought it might have been a little too on-the-nose, but I get that it was also pretty poorly thought out. I didn't really anticipate the reaction I got and I'm sorry. I know this rings a little hollow coming from the perpetrator, but please let's all just try to ignore it and move on.

In other news, commissions! I'M SLOW AT WRITING. I really should have been more upfront with that. If you've got an outstanding commission with me I am totally working on it but I can't really guarantee a release date. It's whenever my muse strikes me or whenever my options run dangerously close to finishing a story or moving to Alaska to take advantage of homesteading laws. That said, I am working on improving myself as a human being and one of the things I'd really like to work on is my self-control, and these commissions are a great outlet for that. So who knows?

Finally, you guys should be looking at :iconbotherbothrium: I've favorited some of her stuff but she deserves outright endorsement. She's a fantastic artist (and a pretty great writist, too) and you should go say hi and tell her that you love all her art (if you do [I shouldn't have to tell you not to be a liar, god.])

Thanks so much for not spamming my wall with hate messages please! It was an April Fool's joke!


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