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(Contains: nudity, violence/gore and strong language)
Jessica took a long drag of her cigar, staring up at the starlit sky. She exhaled slowly, the smoke pluming out from her mouth, hovering above her momentarily before being carried away by the wind. In the distance, she could hear fireworks and cheering, people celebrating the new year. Jessica took another short puff of her cigar, then leaned over and spat in the dirt beside her. It landed on Bethany's side, and the poor girl squirmed uncomfortably in the small puddle of saliva in which she lay.

"You okay down there, hon?" Jessica asked teasingly, glancing down at the tiny nude form of the girl in the dirt beside her. Bethany was bound at the wrists and ankles, leaving her immobilized beside the cruel titaness. She squirmed pathetically in a half-assed struggle to get out of the pool of spit, but was unable to do so. Jessica smiled, and went back to her cigar, staring up into the night sky.

"Ken sends his regards from Dallas." Jessica said. "He wishes he could be here with us, but you know how important this deal is to him." She smirked, and looked back down at her hostage. "You found that out the hard way, didn't you?" Bethany looked up just in time to see Jessica wink playfully down at her. The tiny girl's heart sank.

The two sat in silence again. Occasionally, Jessica would lean over and clear her mouth of tar by spitting on Bethany. The tiny girl was thoroughly drenched in her rival's saliva, and combined with her state of dress and the soft-but-present wind, she was sure she would freeze to death in her own backyard.

The little woman wasn't stupid. She knew why this was happening, even if she couldn't understand how. Her ex-boyfriend, Ken, had been talking about this deal in Dallas for the past six months. It was supposed to be very lucrative, but it was also going to keep him in Texas for the next year, a separation Bethany hadn't wanted to go through. She'd pleaded with him not to go, and despite how much he'd wanted it, he had also seriously considered stay, just for Bethany's sake.

That was, he'd considered it until Jessica came into his life.

Bethany didn't know the details, but this vixen had torn Ken away from her in a month. She was obviously fine with the distance, for what reason Bethany had no idea. And earlier tonight, as Bethany was slowly intoxicating herself alone, Jessica had shown up on her porch. One quick flash of light later and the cruel woman had towered over her, and now here she found herself, naked and laying in a puddle of Jessica's spit.

"It's okay to be angry with me." Jessica said at last. "You have every reason to be. After all, I've completely disrupted your life, haven't I?" The tone in her voice indicated she was pleased with herself, almost as if she was bragging. "I've stolen your man away from you, and now your home, and your very life." She reached over and picked up Bethany by her feet, dangling the tiny woman in front of her face with a look of mild disgust. "Ugh. You look awful." She flicked her wrist, sending Bethany flying through the air and crashing down on the table before Jessica, rolling over a few times before coming to a rest on her back.

"You're a tiny little squirt, you know that?" Jessica said. She tapped her index finger on the side of the table, a ways away from where Bethany had landed. "Come here." The two women stared at each other, neither one moving. Jessica's expression hardened, and she tapped the same spot more firmly. "I said come here now. Obey me, girl, or else."

Painfully, Bethany got to her knees, and started inching along, the bindings on her wrists and ankles making movement slow. She winced with every motion, the biting cold stinging her, freezing the spit to her skin. She whimpered and groaned, but did her best to obey Jessica, for fear of what would happen to her if she didn't. It would be too easy to leave her forgotten in the backyard for the rest of the night, and let the elements claim her. Much as she hated to admit it, Bethany needed Jessica if she was going to survive the night.

Finally, Bethany reached the point Jessica had marked, and collapsed onto her side. Jessica's finger came down and roughly patted Bethany's head, painfully pushing her head into the table a few times. "Good girl. Now, over here." She indicated another point. Panting, Bethany looked up at Jessica as if to ask if the giant woman was serious, but there wasn't even a joking twitch of a smirk on her face. Bethany sighed and slowly rolled onto her arms and knees, crawling towards the new point Jessica had ordered. She could hear Jessica's playful giggling from above. "You know you move around just like a worm does." She paused. "You're just as slimy, too." This brought on another wave of giggles from the bigger girl. Bethany felt sick from the degradation. It wasn't fair that this giant woman could just take whatever she wanted without leaving Bethany any recourse. It wasn't fair that she was being made to suffer just because she hadn't wanted to spend a year apart from her boyfriend. It wasn't fair that she was bringing in the new year on her knees covered in someone else's spit and shivering in the cold, instead of surrounded by warmth and cheer and loved ones. She cried as she crawled, praying that Jessica wouldn't notice.

"Good girl." Again, her head was roughly pounded against the table under the guise of loving pats. Bethany looked up to Jessica's face, and the wicked grin told her everything she needed to know. She heard the clack of Jessica's nail against the table, coming from where she'd just been. Jessica didn't say a word, just raised her eyebrow expectantly, almost daring Bethany to speak out against her. But she didn't. She was a meek, timid girl naturally, and in her new state she wondered if she could even claim to have free will at all. She obediently turned and crawled back to where she'd been ordered.

"This is too easy. You're too easy, you know that?" Jessica taunted as she turned and began another trek at Jessica's insistent tapping. "I mean, most little bugs put up some sort of fight. They try to get uppity with me, and claim that they're really people and that they deserve better than this, and yaddah-yaddah-yaddah, you know? But not you." She let the thought hang for a moment, Bethany thinking about it as she squirmed across the table. "No, you're so easy to control, it's like you were bred for this. Bred to be a pathetic little animal." She knocked Bethany over with a gentle push. "What do you think, girl? Do you think you're a pathetic animal?"

Bethany didn't know what to do, so she just got back up and continued walking to where she'd been instructed. Jessica knocked her over again. "Don't ignore me. Answer my questions when I talk to you."

"Yes." She said softly, trying to get up and continue moving, but Jessica held her down with her pinky. She took a quick puff of cigar, and blew the smoke into Bethany's face, sending the tiny woman into a small coughing fit.

"Yes what? And call me 'Miss Jessica' whenever you address me."

"Yes, Miss Jessica, I think I'm an animal."

"A pathetic animal?"

"Yes, Miss Jessica."

Jessica rolled her eyes and flicked Bethany hard on her ass, drawing a yelp of pain. "Yes Miss Jessica what?"

"Yes, Miss Jessica, I'm a pathetic animal."

"There you go. You know, making you obey me shouldn't be like pulling teeth. Don't resist my will."

"Yes, Miss Jessica." Bethany responded. She rolled onto her front again and started crawling. Jessica stared down at Bethany, chewing her bottom lip in consideration.

"You look cold. Are you cold, little Bethany?" The tiny woman wondered if a certain answer was expected of her. She frowned.

"Yes, Miss Jessica, I am."

"Aww. Well, let's see what we can do about that." She casually brushed her cigar, dropping a small disc of ash onto the ground. She looked at her finger, then offered it to Bethany. "Oh my, I seem to have some ash on my finger. Be a dear and clean this up." Bethany instantly started moving towards it, but it occurred to her she didn't understand what she was supposed to do.

"M-Miss Jessica?" She asked carefully as she moved.


"How should I clean it up?"

"Oh dear, you don't have any rags or anything, do you?" Jessica pretended to ponder the problem, frowning as if deep in thought. "Well," She said finally. "I guess you're just going to have to eat it."

Bethany paused, her tiny body jerking in place. "Wh-what?"

"You know. Eat it. With your tongue. I want all of this ash cleaned up."

"No, I... I can't eat that." She said, revulsion clear in her voice.

"Not only can you, little dear, you will eat it, or I'll crush you into a fine smear with my foot. Just picture that. Your entire body becoming a little mess to be wiped up with a tissue or something, and then thrown away." Jessica chuckled. "Like a big cockroach, or something." A chill of fear ran down Bethany's spine. She looked at the ash. "So you'll eat it. Somehow, I just know you will." Bethany didn't move until Jessica swatted her ass lightly with her other hand, prompting the tiny woman to reluctantly start moving again, crawling towards Jessica's extended finger.

"It's not so bad." Jessica said. "Just eat the ash and I'll see what I can do about warming you up. It's give-and-take, you know? You have to 'give' up your dignity, so that I'll 'take' care of you." She smiled to herself, pleased with that line. Bethany felt emotionally crushed. She already felt like a smear on Jessica's sole, and wondered if somehow she'd died and gone to hell without noticing. She crawled up to the ash, looking at it. She wrinkled her nose, and felt Jessica run her finger along her bare back, the warmth a welcome feeling. "It's okay, girl. Go ahead. Eat it up."

Bethany hesitantly extended her tongue, closing her eyes. She dragged her tongue along the rough ridges of Jessica's fingertip, and almost immediately Jessica let out a soft giggle. The bitter taste of ash filled her mouth, but she did as she was commanded. She licked at the fingertip, only opening her eyes when she cleared a small area of ash, repositioning her face and retreating behind the darkness of her eyelids once again.

This went on for several minutes, during which Jessica just smiled down at her newest pet, enjoying the delicate sensation of her tiny tongue against her fingertips. She hadn't been lying about Bethany being remarkably easy to break. It usually took at least a few days to get someone to the point where they would willingly lick Jessica's clean fingertip, and much longer if it was covered in something disgusting. But little Bethany took to obedience like a trained pup, and Jessica couldn't have been happier about it. She'd chosen well this time.

"That looks fine, dear." She said finally, lifting her finger away from Bethany's face. She looked her fingertip over, nodding. "Yes, this is fine. Now then, I promised you a bit of warmth, didn't I?" Bethany nodded, looking up expectantly. Her mouth twitched and opened occasionally as Bethany tried to wash the overwhelming taste of ash out of her mouth. Jessica smiled. "All right then, here it is." She poised her cigar over Bethany's back, the cherry glowing an angry red. Bethany had enough time to squeak out a desperate "No!" before it descended.

The heat seared into Bethany's back. She screamed wildly in pain, thrashing uncontrollably against the cold table top. Her limbs flailed painfully against her restraints, bending at unnatural angles, the tight floss that kept her bound digging into her skin. She whimpered and mewled for mercy, and after what seemed like an eternity, Jessica lifted up the cigar, taking another puff from it.

"Warmer now?" She asked innocently, her smirk stretching from ear to ear. She used a fingernail to flip Bethany onto her back, the tiny girl letting out another soft shriek of pain as she was pressed against her burn, but the cool surface beneath her felt good. Jessica ran her finger down Bethany's exposed front. "Poor little thing. You don't seem to be appreciating my gift. How can you be so ungrateful, after what I've done for you?"

"I-I'm not... ungrateful..." Bethany said in a whimper, which genuinely surprised Jessica. She had completely expected an indignant outburst from the floodgates of her shame and despair bursting, pouring forth all the vitriol she'd built up from her treatment. Instead, Bethany continued to behave like a true slave, acknowledging her faux guilt. "Please... please don't hurt me again..." Came the pained continuation from the tiny beneath Jessica's hand.

"Oh, I'm sorry honey." Jessica said in a sickly-sweet voice. "Did that hurt? I was just trying to keep you warm."

"Please... please stop hurting me..."

"Aww, poor thing." Jessica scooped Bethany up in one hand, curling her fingers gently around her. Bethany shivered in pain, her back still very raw. That didn't concern Jessica at all. "You know, I was going to kill you by the end of the night." She said, holding Bethany in front of her face. The tiny girl trembled.

"Please no..." Was all she could manage.

"I don't think I will anymore though. You're a very special little girl, aren't you?" She patted Bethany's head again. The scent of cigar wafted into Bethany's nose, and it made her sick. She coughed a few times as Jessica continued. "You're just too rare to pass up. I mean, I've come through your life like a hurricane. I've swept up everything I desired and discarded the rest, and yet you still serve like a good little girl." She glanced around in a mock-conspiratorial fashion. "Do you want to know a secret?" She asked of Bethany, who slowly nodded her head.

Jessica set her cigar down and reached into her cleavage. Slowly, she extracted another tiny form, holding this one by one wrist. This one was of a redheaded girl. The poor thing was emaciated and covered in bruises. Her half-lidded eyes slowly moved from one point of interest to the next, and her hair clung to her scalp and face in matted clumps. She dangled limply from Jessica's fingers. "This here is Ruby." The giant woman said. "Once upon a time, she was a very proud owner of a coffee shop who decided she had to personally tell me I was banned from her store, just because I happened to walk in wearing a Starbucks shirt. I mean, can you believe the gall of someone who would do something like that?" This time it was Ruby who was casually flung onto the table. Jessica loomed over the small redhead, holding Bethany so that she could see what was about to happen.

"Ruby here has been my slave for a year and a half, and it only took about seven months to make her completely subservient. Watch this: Oh Ruby, be a dear and... start touching yourself." Bethany gasped at the order, but Ruby just spread her legs, her right hand moving robotically against her sex, and her face completely expressionless. Jessica smirked. "No shame anymore. No pride or resistance or free will. Just total domination. Get on your knees, keep doing it." Ruby rolled onto her knees, presenting, and continued to finger herself. "And it's like... I guess that's fine, but the obedience is trained. It's learned, so there's that special little spark missing, you know?" Jessica reached down and dragged Ruby's left leg out from underneath her. In an instant, she twisted the limb, snapping it at the shin. Ruby screamed out in pain.

"But you, tiny Bethany... I have great hopes for you." Bethany watched aghast as Jessica gripped Ruby's right leg and twisted the shin in half. Ruby was pounding on the table, her screaming a twisted mix of pleas and curses. "You understand why a slave should be obedient. And it's not, as Ruby would say if she could do anything other than scream, just to avoid punishment. It's because there's beauty in serving a creature higher than yourself. There's... fulfillment, isn't there?" She turned her attention to Bethany, which nearly scared the tiny woman to death.

"Y-yes, absolutely Miss Jessica!" She said, eager to please. Jessica nodded, and refocused on Ruby.

"Absolutely." Jessica reiterated. She moved her fingers up to Ruby's right thigh, and snapped it. Then she shifted legs and did the same to Ruby's left thigh. The tiny woman howled in agony, writhing like a nightcrawler on the table. Jessica just giggled, playfully poking at the shattered limbs, sending waves of pain through Ruby's body. "Would you like a turn?"

"No!" Bethany screamed quickly. She looked into Jessica's face, and reinterpreted the meaning. "Or do you mean a turn hurting her?" She asked. Jessica nodded. "I..." She thought back to what Jessica was just saying. "I would like to if it would make you happy, Je- Miss Jessica." She caught herself. The giant woman smiled, and set Bethany on the table. The friction against her back as she slid from Jessica's palm seared through her, but she did her best to bite her tongue.

"Here, let me get those." Jessica said, and pulled sharply at Bethany's bonds. They snapped easily from the pressure, and Bethany slowly stood up, shaking her arms and legs to get blood back into them. She looked down at Ruby, who writhed on the table at her feet. Jessica saw her new pet's uncertainty. "Why don't you do some delicate work that would be difficult for me to do?" She offered. Bethany looked up quizzically, and Jessica elaborated. "Snap her fingers. Twist them until they crunch in your hand."

Bethany looked down at Ruby, who shook her head violently. "No, please... please don't do this. Don't think she won't do this to you, too. How do you think I got to be her favorite? She discards us. She uses us and she throws us away, please don't do this to me please for the love of God. She'll kill you too!" Her voice as well as her plea wove between aggression and sorrow, and she had tears in her eyes throughout. "Please please don't hurt me, don't do what I did."

"I don't have a choice." Bethany said.

"You do! You can defy her! She'll give you a quick death. She'll stomp you flat, or crush you in her hand or flush you down the toilet, something, anything better than this. This is my reward for servitude. This is what I get for my loyalty." She spoke in a hoarse voice, and Bethany couldn't imagine all the gravel in her voice came just from this night's screaming.

"Do it, Bethany." Jessica said in a stern tone. Bethany shook her head.

"I'm sorry." She said to the woman at her feet. She knelt and took Ruby's hand in her own. Ruby started to fight against her, raising her other arm in protest, but Jessica easily held it down, her eyes alight with sadistic glee. Bethany grabbed Ruby's middle finger, holding it firmly in her fist. The doomed woman stared at Bethany with hatred. "I'm so sorry." Bethany repeated.

The crunch was sickening. It was so much louder than Bethany had anticipated, and there were wet, messy undertones within it. Ruby screeched again, her arm jerking violently out of Bethany's grip, and she fell backwards, grunting as she rolled across her back. Jessica smiled approvingly.

"Good girl." She cooed. "Good girl. Would you like to do another one?"

Bethany looked between Ruby and Jessica, heart racing. "Y-yes, Miss Jessica." She said quietly. She got back on her feet, crouching down beside Ruby again. She took Ruby's hand again, this time wrapping her fist around Ruby's index finger.

"You cunt! You goddamn piece-of-shit fucking cunt! I hope she strangles you slow, bitch! I hope you show up in hell with a million cuts all over your body, and your eyes gouged out with a fucking toothpick goddamnit!" Ruby was rabid. Bethany tried not to let her words sink in, and after a determined inhalation, she twisted Ruby's index finger to the side. Ruby wrenched her arm out of Bethany's grasp again, the latter woman still not confident in torturing another person. Jessica stroked her back gently.

"It's okay. That's enough. Just sit there and watch now." She comforted. Bethany was thankful that Jessica had given her a safe way out. She sat down away from Ruby. Jessica took the redhead's arm, and started snapping it, each fracture only a short distance from the last. Ruby wailed like nothing Bethany had ever heard before. Each soft pop of her bones seemed to bring Ruby's suffering to new heights, and for whatever reason the poor woman never passed out, never got an easy way out of her suffering.

Two excruciating minutes later, and Ruby laid spread eagle before her Mistress, each of her limbs snapped in a dozen places. She panted and whimpered, occasionally screaming when she would twitch and send her body into another spasm of suffering. Jessica and Bethany both sat in silence and watched Ruby squirm. Jessica glanced at her cigar. "Well," She said, sighing. "It's probably time to head inside. This is almost out." She looked at Bethany and a small smirk tugged at one corner of her lips. Bethany returned the look, but was unsure of what the smirk meant.

"Ruby, you've been a lovely slave, and I think it's absolutely wonderful that you were willing to devote so much of your life to my service by being a rotten bitch to me." Jessica loved this moment. The final moment of a tiny's life, the snuffing out of another human being with such ease delighted her. She ashed the cigar off to the side, took another puff, then hovered the front of it above Ruby's face. "Unfortunately, I've found someone much better than you. That, coupled with your injuries means that I think taking care of you just wouldn't be worth it on my end. So I'm going to have to let you go." She lowered the cigar onto Ruby's face without another moment of preamble. Bethany could hear her flesh sizzle beneath the burning leaves, her twisted limbs shaking in a crude mockery of self-defense. They battered uselessly against the table, not having the support to lift them all the way up to her face. Bethany assumed she was screaming herself hoarse within the cigar, but her voice was inaudible through the thick trunk. Finally, Ruby went still. Jessica lifted the cigar away, revealing the seared skin underneath. Bethany gasped, holding her hand to her mouth.

"She wasn't even a good enough slave to twitch for as long as I wanted. Pathetic." She brought the heel of her palm down over Ruby's body and gave a firm press, crushing the tiny body and sending a jet of blood towards Bethany. The tiny woman's front was sprayed with blood, and she screamed in shock, scrambling away. Jessica laughed, wiping her hand on the side of the table.

"Did I getcha?" She asked playfully. Jessica scooped up Bethany in her hand, dropping the cigar to the ground and stepping it out quickly underneath her toes. "Don't worry, I'll get you all cleaned up. And hey, I'm going to be living in your house from now on, so there's that to look forward to, right honey?" Jessica dropped Bethany onto her cleavage, enjoying the feeling of the tiny body trying to get comfortable. "I get the feeling you're going to be with me for a while."

The New Year by Tinyone234

/ / / / ©2013-2015 Tinyone234
Mature Content
This piece kicks off the year of stories from me! Check back every other Tuesday for a new story of violence, debauchery and whatnot!
Well I should add based on past stories of yours, I expected nothing less than what I read and got just what I wanted.

The story, while sexual in nature is at its core as well a snuff fantasy. I always felt the best way to approach said subject in any fashion, whether it be the beginning, the guts of the story or the ending is quick. You provide the perfect balance of detail needed for the stories. You don't saturate it going over every last drop of blood being spent, but enough where a visualization would prove possible and vivid and perfect for those with the fantasies to be more than worthy. I was easily able to visualize the cigar death as a Hollywood movie so to speak. To watch her squirm in pain and raise her arms in protest before it came down on her, the focus of the camera zooming in on her. What I feel comes best off that scene is that the face was this time being burnt rather than the body. In this type of fantasy its best to see the pain and torture and death an apparent thing and watching the body struggle gives much more an appeal than just a motionless head in place screaming. I feel you gave readers exactly what they asked for guaranteed this is what they be into.

As for originality I felt it was a slight bit lackluster as it seemed a bit repeat in terms of what you have wrote before but repeats in a way of how it is executed and not the ideas and executions of well...the executions and torture themselves which is why I didn't fully downgrade originality. The only true repeat I see is how the giantess/domme treats their subjects, but on a personal level I have no true issue with this being very submissive myself.

Overall I felt as usual with your stories they bring out the sub in me and get me very jealous of those being subjected to the torture and death and this story hit the nail on the head. The bringing up of name prefixes like "Miss" and the screwing over of ones life bringing complete humiliation to the small one while still being subservient is just perfect. Even while knowing ahead of time you will die as was shown with Ruby. Its the lowest of the low a human can go in such a way of being a slave.

I do hope though more from you as usual and as I have bugged you plenty about. I shall have fun with the fantasies this has given me later as I'm sure will everyone else reading this.
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MissKaneda Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
I was debating whether 2013 had the capacity to be the best year ever, and I have to say that news of your project has swung the argument significantly. The idea of so much new content from you excites me greatly, and the only issue I have is that I feel I'll have to slow up on the completion of my current story, as it looks to heavily feature cigar play as well.

As always, this is a delicious window into the life and actions of a magnificently cruel woman, and it does wonders for spurring the imagination and stirring the loins, at least in twisted bitches like me.
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